Signage Industry Best Practices

Adopted: May 16, 1991; Amended: July 15, 1993; Amended April 2009; Amended October 2012.


To promote among the members of the Greater Harrisburg Association of REALTORS® courteous and professional placement of signs in the effective marketing of properties.

  1. Never place a sign on private property without permission of the owner. Offending signs may be confiscated without notice by the property owners.
  2. Avoid placing signs in public rights-of-way, in divided highway islands, between curb and sidewalk, or on utility poles or traffic signs.
  3. Place “Open Sunday” signs, including directional signs, no earlier than six (6) days prior to the open house. The exception to this would be when the sign(s) are for a model home or resale home that is open every Sunday, and then they may remain on the property continuously.
  4. Signs that read “Open” only should only be placed on the property the day they are actually open.
  5. All signs for an open house should be removed immediately upon completion of the open house inspection period.
  6. Signs placed along state highways should be kept out of the public right-of-way to permit maintenance of the shoulders by the State. Please remember that offending signs may be confiscated without notice by the authorities.
  7. Avoid the placement of signs which might tend to direct traffic in violation of traffic laws. (Example: Do not place an open house directional sign with an arrow pointing left if a left turn is illegal at that point, or if following such directions might lead one in the wrong way on a one-way street, exit/entrance ramp, etc.)
  8. Inspect your signs regularly to be sure they are properly maintained.
  9. Signs are to be removed within one week after a listing has expired or after settlement has occurred, unless the property owner, in a commercial transaction, agrees to keep the sign posted.
  10. Use of the Association’s generic directional sign is strongly encouraged so that only one directional sign appears on any given corner. Cooperation, when requested to remove a company sign to allow the posting of a generic one, is urged.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that some municipalities have adopted stricter or different sign ordinances. Be sure to check with each one prior to placement of any sign.

As a member broker/designated REALTOR® of the Greater Harrisburg Association of REALTORS®, I voluntarily agree to subscribe on behalf of myself and my licensees to the Signage Industry Best Practices outlined above. I further understand and agree on behalf of myself and my licensees that this voluntary agreement does not waive our obligation as REALTORS® to abide by the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics.