Electronic Keypad/Lockbox

The electronic lockbox system is the safest, most secure and efficient way of providing easy access into listings. The Greater Harrisburg Association of REALTORS® makes available to members the option of access to Supra Keypads (eKey) and leasing Electronic Lockboxes (iBox) for use on listings. 

Members interested in using the electronic keypad and lockbox system should contact the GHAR office to activate their key (eKEY service) and must visit the GHAR office in-person to lease their electronic lockboxes (iBox).

NOTE: Members are not required to use electronic keypads or lockboxes in their business, but for security purposes, members should never borrow or lend their keypads or lockboxes to others.


With the Supra eKEY® app, agents get efficient property access, powerful and accurate information, and useful management tools. Supra’s eKEY® app turns your smartphone into a lockbox key. The app is compatible with Android and iPhone. Click here for a complete list of compatible phones and devices.

This service can be set up over the phone for new users.

eKEY Basic:

  • Issue fee of $84.80 (includes tax)
  • Monthly fee of $20 ($240 annually, includes tax)

*Click here for Basic Service features.

eKEY Professional:

  • Issue fee of $84.80 (includes tax)
  • Monthly fee of $25 ($300 annually, includes tax)

*Click here for Professional app improvements.

Electronic iBox BT LE Lockboxes

The Supra Electronic iBox BT LE is the device that is placed on properties and hold the listing’s keys. Lockboxes can only be accessed through the use of a Supra eKEY®. No additional hardware is required for most phones. The GHAR REALTOR® Store offers both new and used lockboxes for lease.

One-Time Lease Fee:

  • New lockboxes: $116.60 ($110.00 + $6.60 tax)
  • Used lockboxes: $106.00 ($100.00 + $6.00 tax)

Support and Resources

Require support outside of GHAR’s operating hours?  Please contact Supra technical and billing support directly at (877) 699-6787. Support is available 8 am to 10 pm daily, seven days a week. The following resources can also provide some assistance:

Additional questions or interested in obtaining an eKEY or leasing an electronic iBox, please contact Chris Deimler at chris@ghar.realtor or call (717) 364-3200.