My Best To You

by James L. Goldsmith
December 2022

Season’s Greetings! It is a cold but cloudless day and I am feeling particularly joyful, so I thought I would impart something “special” for this Holiday Season. Unfortunately for you, the older I get the more I pontificate. This is such a missive.

You Realtors (I say “you” because, alas, I am not, except in spirit, one) are so fortunate. With hard work and dedication you can provide well for yourself and your families. At the same time, you are doing well for your clients who in many ways are not prepared to handle a sale or purchase alone. You do well by doing good!

However, it doesn’t just happen. You have to make it happen, in other words, be purposeful. You need to care about the pursuit of excellence. You want to extract the lessons that your experiences provide. So, with a New year, make and keep resolutions. Read local and national trade publications; read newspapers as there’s no excuse for not knowing what is going on around you. Take continuing education not just for the sole purpose of satisfying your legal requirements. Know forms and the Rules and Regulations of the Commission. Look to see what your state and local associations have to offer. Participate. Treat colleagues and competitors as you wish to be treated. Congratulate others on their achievements and recognition. Appreciate what abilities you have been given, and what you can achieve.

Happy Holidays!

Mr. Goldsmith is an attorney with Mette, Evans & Woodside and serves as outside legal counsel to PAR. A substantial portion of his practice is dedicated to providing advice and counsel to real estate licensees. He and his firm represent and defend real estate salespersons and brokers in civil lawsuits and licensing claims across the Commonwealth. Jim also defends Realtors® in disciplinary hearings conducted by the Real Estate Commission. Jim was one of the voices of the PAR Legal Hotline for the first 27 years following its inception in 1992.

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