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GHAR Policy Statements

GHAR has adopted numerous policy statements on issues that impact you and your business. These position statements have been adopted by the Associations Board of Directors.  Assessments GHAR supports standardizing the property assessment process to ensure consistency and fairness to all property owners. GHAR opposes any county and municipal policy that would provide for biased assessments… Details

Municipal Database

The database contains entries on municipalities in Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry counties, with information relevant to the real estate industry. The issues of particular interest to our members at the local level include: Use and occupancy certificates and associated fees; sign use; rental property licensure; and other real estate-related ordinances. To begin, select a municipality from one of the drop-down menus: open the Municipal Database This database is available to members and affiliates of the Greater Harrisburg Association of REALTORS®… Details

Use Restrictions – How Do You Find Out?

You’ve experienced it. A prospective buyer wants to know if they can have horses or other animals on the property; a psychologist wants to know whether she can meet clients in her home; a sales representative wonders aloud if he can work out of a home office. What do you answer? These questions are all part of the due process that a buyer should undertake before settling on a purchase… Details

Myths we just can’t shake

There is a lot of fake news out there! And there is a lot of fake news about news that is claimed to be fake that isn’t fake. You, my readers, are not alone in your quest for the truth. Before we fact check, we are going to run a quiz. Below you will see a number of myths that just might be true… Details